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Concerned parents naturally seek a quality education for their children. Expatriate parents in particular face the additional difficulty of living in a less familiar environment which may offer few guidelines on how best to select an appropriate school for the needs of their child.
Thus the fact that Brookhouse is accredited by both CIS and IAPS provides parents with a number of assurances.  Parents know that the school has undergone rigorous self-assessment, has been evaluated by a team of experienced professionals, meets high academic and professional standards, and is subject to regular visits and monitoring by external agencies.

The standards for accreditation are concerned with:

Philosophy and Objectives

Organisation and Administration

School Staff

Curriculum Programme

Governance and Management


Special Needs

Guidance Services

Health Services and Safety

Student Support Services

Student and Community Life

Library/Media Centre

School Facilities

Finances and Financial Management

Assessment of Student Learning and Performance.



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