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Characteristics of an accredited school...

An accredited school is devoted to its mission.  It cares enough about what it does to seek validation by recognised accreditation authorities.  An accredited school knows itself.   It has thought deeply about the services it offers to students, family and community.

An accredited school accepts objective assessment.  It is prepared to open its doors periodically to outside experienced evaluators.

An accredited school is constantly seeking to improve its performance in curricular and other areas.

An accredited school is student-orientated.  Its philosophy of education encompasses the development of the whole individual.

An accredited school plans for the future.  As part of the ongoing nature of the evaluation process, accredited schools are continually planning future developments.

An accredited school participates fully in the responsibilities of the academic profession. Administrators and teachers participate in the self-renewing activity of evaluation and accreditation.

Brookhouse achieved accredited status by:

Undergoing Preliminary Visits to determine readiness.

Completing rigorous self-studies.

Hosting teams of professional evaluators who examine all aspects of school operations.

Meeting the Standards for Accreditation.

Why choose CIS and IAPS?

Within the education arena, a CIS inspection is regarded as extremely rigorous. It involves a two year period of preparation in which the school goes through a self-study.  Every five years a team of highly regarded international educationalists visit the school and look at each area of school life, including curriculum and assessment, teaching and learning, finance and management, philosophy and objectives, health and safety, and student services and facilities. The visiting team spends much time in the school meeting with staff and writing their report.

IAPS inspection provides a focused opportunity for the preparatory section of the school to undergo a rigorous self-study, followed by an accreditation visit. Since much of the most crucial learning for a child takes place during their earliest years of formal education, Brookhouse is keen to have specialist external evaluation of learning in the classroom for our preparatory school. IAPS accreditation affirms the level of excellence provided in our preparatory school classrooms.

What did these reports say specifically were the strengths of Brookhouse?

The reports contain many positive points. The inspection teams were particularly impressed by:

the friendly, student-centred atmosphere and excellent relationships which prevail at all levels within the school

the pervasive evidence of the school striving for excellence

the teachers commitment and loyalty to the students

the Board's vision in developing the school so successfully

the attractive, spacious, safe, secure and clean school environment

the school's counselling and pastoral systems and extra-curricular programme.


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