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What are these organisations?

The Council of International Schools or CIS is an association of international schools from all over the world.  The organisation was first established in Europe.  However, today it has a worldwide membership.  It bases accreditation on the school achieving the highest standards and structures to deliver a world class international education for its pupils.
IAPS or the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools is a UK-based organisation designed to ensure that a quality learning environment is maintained at the preparatory school level to enable young learners to be nurtured through the crucial early years in their education process.

Why did Brookhouse seek such accreditations?

Any school can tell its parents and community that it is impressive. What we want at Brookhouse is for external and independent agencies to come into the school regularly to inspect us and tell us what they think.  We want an ongoing and objective analysis of how effective we are at providing quality educational opportunities for the young people under our care.

Characteristics of an accredited school...

An accredited school is devoted to its mission.  It cares enough about what it does to seek validation by recognised accreditation authorities.  An accredited school knows itself.  It has thought deeply about the services it offers to students, family and community.

Accreditation has value...

Concerned parents naturally seek a quality education for their children. Expatriate parents in particular face the additional difficulty of living in a less familiar environment which may offer few guidelines on how best to select an appropriate school for the needs of their child. Thus the fact that Brookhouse is accredited by CIS and IAPS provides parents with a number of assurances.


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