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Senior staff are listed below. A full staff
directory is available from the school secretary.


Managing Director (East Africa) - Mr John O’Connor - B A Hons (Literature) University of Western Australia, Diploma in Education
Deputy Director - Ms Clara Mwangi - B Ed Hons Kenyatta University, Round Square & Careers Advisor
Headteacher Secondary - Mr Eric Mulindi - B Ed, M Sc Kenyatta, C Biol M Biol
Headteachers Preparatory - Ms Michelle Forsyth - B A (Fine Art) PGCE Leicester Polytechnic
Headteachers Early Learning - Ms Caroline Gammon - Teacher Training Roehampton UK, Cambridge Int. Diploma, Safeguarding Leader
Headteacher Boarding - Mr Andrew Kimwele - B Ed Hons Kenyatta University, Head of Geography, Boarding Manager


Director of Careers - Mr Otieno Milafu - B A, M A Nairobi, PGDE Daystar, Head of Year 13, Head of Geography, R Sq Rep 
Head of Year 13 - Mrs Sabina Okech - B Ed Hons Kenyatta University, Head of Drama, Careers Advisor
Head of Year 12
 - Mr Michael Murigi - B Coms Hons Kenyatta University, PGDE CUEA, Business Studies, Timetable & Bulletin Manager, R Sq  Rep                                                                               Head of USA Careers - Ms Elisabeth Shabouk - B A (Bio Sciences) Drew University, USA, Teacher of Science and Biology, Library Liaison 
Head of Middle School and Year 10 - Mrs Anpurna Sanghani - B Sc Hons North London, PGCE Sunderland, Chemistry and Maths
Head of Year 11 - Mrs Sheila Madahana - B Ed Hons (Arts) Moi University, MBA Nairobi, English & Drama, Public Speaking Patron                              ,
Head of Year 9 - Mr James Muturi - B Ed Hons (Arts) Moi University, MA Nairobi Univ, Geography, Hog Charge, Boarding Team Leader


Head of Enrichment Faculty - Ms Susan Bantu - M Ed New York, M A Ohio, B A Nairobi, Psychology Counsellor
Head of Sports Faculty - Mr James Ross - B A (QTS) Hons Surrey 
Head of Communications Faculty - Mrs Beatrice Gaya-Teyie - B Ed, M Ed Kenyatta University, Teacher of English
Head of Logistics Faculty - Mr William Gichohi - B Sc JKUAT, Dip IMIS, PGDE, Head of Computing
Head of Languages Faculty - Mrs Dorothy Kyalo - B Ed Hons Kenyatta University, French, Rhino Charge, Boarding Mentor
Head of Arts Faculty - Ms Lindy Nyaseme - B A Hons Ulster, PGCE Oxford, Art, Head of Amboseli
Head of Sciences Faculty - Mrs Tajilinder Sehmi - B Sc Hons Southampton, UK


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